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Stratton Oak landscaping in Staffordshire. Home with nice drivewayand landscaped garden.


Landscaping in Staffordshire. Tree surgery. Chainsaw cutting limb.


Tree Surgery

If you have trees on your property you’ll know that they need ongoing maintenance to ensure that they are in the best of conditions and don’t impact your home in any negative way. If you find that one of your trees has become overgrown, is blocking sunlight or growing incorrectly then your tree may require surgery. We provide a number of tree services including felling, shaping and pruning. We’ll work quickly, effectively and get rid of all the dead wood that we collect.

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Landscaping in Staffordshire. Driveways and hard landscape. Hammering in paving stones.

Driveways and Hard Landscaping

Should you be looking for a new patio or driveway, we are specialists in laying block paving, resin and tarmac. Each option is suitable for different needs and budgets, and we are able to assist you in finding the perfect one for your property. From hard wearing floors where you can park your car to beautiful new garden floors where you can place your garden furniture, we can build it all. If you are looking for expert hard landscaping services in Staffordshire, Manchester or the Midlands, get in touch with us at Stratton Oak.

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Landscaping in Staffordshire. Landscape design and maintenance. Beautifully manicured garden.

Landscape Design and Maintenance

Your garden or outdoor space offers a number of opportunities in which you can let your imagination run wild. You may be looking to turn your garden into a play area for your children, or you could be seeking a colourful garden that is easy to maintain. We will work with you to understand your needs, then design and create a garden that will exceed your expectations. So get in touch if you would like to learn more about our landscape design in Staffordshire, Birmingham and Manchester.

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Landscaping in Staffordshire. Fencing and decking. Sark coloured fence


Fencing and Decking

Timber fencing and decking looks perfect in almost any kind of home and will complement any greenery you have in your garden. If you would like to increase privacy with some fencing then let us erect it for you. Alternatively, if you wish to install a surface in your garden that will you can walk on and situate furniture on, then we can construct beautiful decking. Whatever we install, it will be built to the highest of standards.

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Landscaping in Staffordshire. Lawn and artificial lawn and turf.


Lawns and Artificial Lawns

At Stratton Oak we are specialists in laying flawless lawns that will bring out the beauty of your garden. When it is laid, we can also provide all maintenance for your lawn to ensure it is always in the best condition. Alternatively, if you would like a lawn that requires little maintenance, we can also lay artificial lawns which are the next best thing to a natural lawn.

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Landscaping in Staffordshire. Jet washing and moss prevention. Man spraying ground.


Jet Washing/Moss Prevention

It can be a real pain removing stubborn dirt and moss. If you don’t have the time or inclination to clean your garden and outside area, then leave it to us to jet wash your paving, floors and walls. The high pressure stream concentrates the water into one focal point and is one of the best and quickest ways to clean your garden and outside area.

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Landscaping in Staffordshire. Topiary tree supply. Many different topiaries.?


Topiary Tree Supply

If you would like to give your outside space or garden some real elegance then why not get some topiary trees. We have a range of different trees in a number of different sizes and shapes that will match the style and décor of your garden.

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Your landscaping experts in Staffordshire

If you would like to learn more about fencing, tree cutting and landscaping in Staffordshire, Manchester and the Midlands, please get in touch with us at Stratton Oak.

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“Very friendly and seemed understanding as I am disabled."

- Helen, Sep 2018